Tomorrow's origin

At Drexgen we strongly believe in multidisciplinary work, and that is why our teams are organized
and interact in elementary communities or areas of expertise.

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to innovation and technological development. Pioneers in the field of Artificial Vision, Virtual Reality and IoT Technologies.
Our multidisciplinary experience allows us to work in the design of solutions in an integral way in the deployment of technological projects. From the design of the solution, the sizing and assembly of the IT infrastructure, the development of all the necessary software for the project and we make sure to contemplate the characteristics of the solution so that it meets the cybersecurity
requirements of the organization.
And owners of the technology we offer, which allows us to adapt the ecosystem of our solutions platform to the needs of our customers.

Computer Vision AI

Computer Vision tries in some way to emulate this ability in computers, so that by interpreting the images acquired, for example with a camera, the various objects in the environment and their position in space can be recognized.


 and edge computing

They are devices with the ability to communicate with each other, with the user or with a server,
through 4g or WIFI networks. They can send data converting them into alerts, or actions to be
executed, through AI processing.

Data Server Broker


Our platform is the backbone of solutions that require high levels of integration,
hyperconnectivity, real time and high security standards. It is powered by Rule Engines and
Machine Learning.

Its general function is to connect, process and give orders to all physical or logical devices within
the infrastructure, it also updates them and generates security, network and storage criteria.


AI within everyone’s reach

With our tools, solutions based on Artificial Intelligence can be created, combining computer vision and IoT.With our tools, solutions based on Artificial Intelligence can be created, combining computer vision and IoT.